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If you’re a landlord with one or more rental properties in your investment portfolio, you need to protect yourself with a comprehensive insurance policy that combines key property and liability coverages. At Eastern Insurors, our expertise in servicing the insurance needs of landlords of all types and sizes has been developed over the past 60+ years. Some risks are easy to spot, however others take time and attention. For example, If you rely on the income from your tenants to pay your mortgage, you could face significant financial hardship if you have a fire or other loss that makes your rental property unfit to rent. Does your current policy provide you with adequate protection for your lost rents? Do you have sufficient liability coverage to protect you from lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage arising from the lease of your rental property – even if it’s caused by a tenant? Are your major appliances and your other personal property covered in the event of a fire? These are just a few of the questions our insurance experts are trained to ask. Through Our Years of Experience, We Provide:
  • The best possible cost/coverage combination for your rental property insurance needs.
  • Experienced staff who understand the challenges of rental properties and the coverage needed to protect you.
  • Outstanding service geared to deliver results without delay.
  • A customized insurance program to meet your specific needs and exposures.


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